Stratify OS Documentation



Stratify OS is an RTOS designed to drastically reduce development time. It does this using these principles:

  • Pre-installed Kernel
  • Deep hardware integration
  • Applications are built and installed separate from the kernel

We ship hardware pre-installed with Stratify OS (much like many single board computers are pre-installed with Linux). This means you don't need to do any RTOS code integration. Just start building your application.

Having deep hardware integration means Stratify OS runs on fewer processors but provides drivers for almost all the included hardware. So no more writing or integrating UART/SPI/I2C drivers. That is already-ready.

Your first step after getting your Stratify enabled board is to write your application. The application is built and installed independent of the kernel. Your application is binary compatible with all Stratify boards using the same processor core. This means you can build a web server and run it on any board with ethernet or wifi.

Start Coding

This section is the kernel documentation. You only need to read this is you want to tinker with the kernel. The API used for applications is StratifyAPI documentation. If you want finer control, you can use the built-in POSIX and C Standard Library functions.