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Stratify OS

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Stratify OS is a powerful embedded, real-time operating system that drastically reduces time to market. It is designed for low power, instant boot applications in the IoT space. It runs on the ARM Cortex-M architecture.

When we build smart products for you, Stratify OS gives us a huge head start on designing and developming your firmware. It is available under both commercial and open-source licenses.

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Stratify UI

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Stratify UI is a cross platform application framework for desktop and mobile apps based on Qt/QML. It is styled after Twitter Bootstrap's web framework with Font Awesome icons built-in. It is perfect for creating a seamless user experience across devices and operating systems. The best part: it's free and open source.

When we build apps for you, Stratify QML jumps starts our efforts decreasing both risk and costs.

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Stratify Hardware

Stratify Hardware includes development modules that are IoT ready and pre-installed with Stratify OS. The hardware includes both breadboard form-factor for rapid development and modules for small production runs.

We use these development products to make it much simpler for us to develop your product. We can easily integrate the various components and sensors needed by the application right on a breadboard.

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