Stratify Toolbox

All-in-one debugging tool powered by Stratify OS

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How it Works

1. Connect to your Mac or PC using USB
2. Open the Stratify App
3. Select the tool you want from the Toolbox or browse tools in the Stratify Cloud.
4. Build and share your own tools using Stratify Link

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Powered by Stratify OS

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Customizable UI

The tools are completely customizable. Using a plain text editor, you can add or modify buttons in order to customize your workflow. For example, you can have a button send a message over the UART and at the same time trigger a logic analyzer run.

Build and Share Tools

If you just can't find the tool you want, you can build your own tools. This includes a combination of UI code that is based on the Stratify UI framework (which is powered by Qt/QML) and a C++ firmware application that will run on the Toolbox itself. Once your tool is created, you can share it with the community using the Stratify Cloud.

Hardware Details

  • ARM Cortex M7 at 200MHz+
  • 512KB Flash, 128KB RAM
  • 4GB SD Card for storing tools and data
  • 40 Pin RPi Compatible Header
  • High Speed Micro USB Port running at 480Mbps
  • Up to 7xUART, 5xSPI, 2xI2S, 2xI2C, 27xGPIO
  • Up to 17 ADC Inputs
  • Timer Capture pins Logic Analysis over 100MHz

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