Design Services

Circuit Board and Firmware Development

From Concept to Reality

Stratify Labs specializes in building smart products. Our core expertise is in electrical and firmware engineering. We can also help you find the right industrial designers and mechanical engineers.

Concept and Design

Create concepts and renderings to see how your idea can be realized.


Go from concept to reality through engineering and development.


Build prototypes to ensure your product has the right performance, look and feel.


Fine tune the design for production and find the right partners to build at scale.

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  • Breadboard Prototyping
  • Component Selection
  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout

  • PCB Fabrication Support
  • PCB Assembly Support
  • Board Bring-up and Test
  • Testing and Debugging

  • Platform Selection
  • Firmware Development
  • Qt/QML C++ Development
  • Repository Management

Great Products We Helped Create a few of the many

Fogo: the Ultimate Adventure Gadget

We helped take the Fogo all the way from concept to market including market research, development and engineering, factory selection, production and shipping. It is powered by Stratify OS which enables the Fogo to run different apps such as an fitness monitor, compass, and walkie-talkie.

Powered by Stratify OS

Apiqe Commercial Water Appliance

The Apiqe water dispenser is powered by Stratify OS which made for a very smooth PCB and firmware design effort and a great product. We designed the schematic, did the PCB layout and developed the firmware to control various industrial devices such as solenoids and heaters.

Powered by Stratify OS

Clamcase iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

We developed the original electronics for the Clamcase iPad keyboard and supported both FCC testing and production. This project required Schematic design, PCB layout, and bluetooth firmware development.

Industrial Control Board

This PCB is for an industrial control product utilizing motor control, fan control, temperature sensing, USB connectivity, and an LCD based user interface.

Powered by Stratify OS

Septentrio/Altus Multi-Constellation GNSS

We developed the mother board connecting and integrating Sepentrio's GPS technologies with a single board Linux computer. We also developed the firmware to integrate cellular modem, bluetooth and ethernet connections.

Smart Headphones PCB

This board implemented USB audio connected to an single board Android computer. The board took USB audio to a USB to I2S controller to a DAC to a headphone amplifier. It also implemented a OLED display and button input using a microcontroller.

Powered by Stratify OS

Stratify Toolbox

The Stratify Toolbox is an internal product that we are taking from concept to production. It is a development and debugging tool. Our industrial design and mechanical engineering partners did provided the design the machined aluminum chassis while we designed the PCB and firmware.

The Toolbox uses just about every embedded serial protocol available: USB, UART, SPI, I2S, I2C, SDIO, H-bridge driver, and advanced timer capture. The user interface is the Stratify App built using QML/Qt. Learn More

Powered by Stratify OS

Scientific/Industrial Control Board

This control board drives a 320x240 color LCD and controls various heaters and temperature sensors in order to apply a temperature profile to scientific liquids.

Powered by Stratify OS

Medical Instrumentation Prototype Board

This PCB was designed to measure high fidelity audio signals for medical instrumentation. It makes use of multi-channel audio codecs plus a speaker output.

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Microcontroller Prosthetic Knee Prototype

This control board precisely controlled three motors using QEI encoders. An additional QEI encoder was used for measuring the angle of the knee. The QEI encoders were processed using a the microcontroller plus a CPLD. The microcontroller implemented an algorithm that could store and release energy that aided gait and high energy activities.

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4-axis Motor Control Medical Instrumentation Prototype

This prototype board controlled 8 brushless DC motors! There was a microcontroller for each group of four motors. The firmware also sensed the motor location using encoders and potentiometers.

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Portable Security Camera Prototype

For this project, we used a microcontroller to interface with a small CMOS camera and LCD. The device could take snap shots and send them to a mobile phone or computer over bluetooth.

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And many more

We have worked on many other projects (too many to list here). Please let us know if you need some help on your next product.