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Stratify Toolbox

printf()-ing Awesome Flash and Debug Tool

Flash Programmer

Use the Toolbox for flash your MCU in development, testing, and production using ARM SWD.


Access on your local network or remotely--without any monthly subscription or VPN/router setup.

No Host Software

The Toolbox is fully accessed using web technlogy: use curl to PUT flash images or use the embedded web application. There is no host software to install whatsoever.

Connect to Wifi

With the touch LCD, it is super-easy to connect the Toolbox to your Wifi network so you can start developing. Once connected, you can use curl to flash and debug your target MCU.

export tb=http://<ipaddr>curl $tb/flash/reset

Connect to your Target

The Toolbox connects to the target microcontroller using ARM SWD. Once connected, you can ping the device using the touch display then use the embedded webserver to flash and debug the target MCU.

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Built-in Web Application

The embedded webserver serves up an easy-to-use web application allowing you to flash, debug, data log, and more with just a few clicks.

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