Stratify OS

A real-time operating system designed to drastically reduce development time

Develop Faster!

Stratify OS is a microcontroller operating system designed to bring the software innovation model that has made computers and smartphones enormously successful to microcontroller hardware. This means application-based development on easy-to-use, inexpensive microcontroller hardware!

Install Stratify OS

Kernel is already built and ready to run on your board.

Download Middleware Apps

Middleware is distributed as pre-compiled applications.

Write your application

Develop your application in C/C++ and POSIX.


  • Task Management
  • Memory Protected Processes
  • Multi-threaded Applications
  • Interprocess Signaling
  • Standard C Library API
  • Posix API
  • Socket API
  • C++ Application Library
  • Filesystem Integration
  • Device Filesystem
  • Portable Applications
  • Seamless IoT Integration

Stratify OS Architecture

Stratify OS is an app-based microcontroller operating system. The kernel is coded, compiled, and installed separately from the applications. This allows all hardware abstraction to happen at the board support package (BSP) level. Applications then access hardware via the OS. For example, the BSP can implement an I2C driver using peripheral hardware or using a bitbang implementation, and the application can simply access the I2C on the filesystem at "/dev/i2c0" without worrying about any hardware or MCU register details.

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